how mothers can pleased their kids with candy boxes?

Candies for children are like a glittering gem that they just cannot resist. They have always been delighted by them. Most often they look at their parents for the rewarding sweet delicacies. Candy boxes serve to elevate the cherishing sensation of candies. All those colourful designs and luring features make them just irresistible. There are several ideas you can look for to make them appealing and amusing for children.

Include mascots:

Custom candy boxes have been seen in several shapes and sizes. They are usually decorated with gleaming colourful patterns and features. The greatest lure for children is their shimmering and elegant packaging designs. Children have always loved mascots and cartoon figures that are associated with the products for children. They are adopted by some very large food chains like Kellogs and Mcdonald’s as well. This intends to get the products comfortable with the children. You can also go for a similar approach and make your candy box in the shape of your kids’ favourite cartoon figure. You can find several tutorials online that can guide you to design the candy box packaging in the shape of some mascot. Even if you are not creative enough to carve the box in some complex shape, you can always use the commonly available cartoon stickers. The main point is just about creating a theme with what your child loves for his entertainment. They would find it quite amusing.

Colour factor:

The choices of colours are very specific in relevance to the age group and gender. Children love sharp and bright colours; they are irresistibly lured towards something they found appealing. As the generally advertised standards follow, light blue is associated with boys while girls find their association with the pink colour. While choosing the colours of the personalized candy boxes for your kid you can choose the theme colour accordingly. If it is for your boy, you can have a light blue colour with his favourite mascot box shape. He can certainly relate to it and deem it as a dedicated offering from his parents. He would not view it as something of a general nature rather he would think of it as something special. Although it might contain the kind of candies he has been eating for a very long time. To make something special you just have to believe it to be special and this is the guaranteed methods to serve this need.

Include a gift:

Although all those gleaming and custom candy packaging boxes coupled with all those delicacies inside them would be sufficient in the portrayal of the love you have for your kid. But including a small gift in your printed candy boxes would add a sweeter aspect to remember for him. Since the candies would be consumed and the box would most likely be thrown away. Children are least likely to store them to be nostalgic about later. What they shall keep with them would be a non-consumable. Therefore, it is better to include a small action figure or a yoyo or anything that your child might find amusing. It would bring the desired happiness of their face while giving them a toy to play with. They can easily relate the certainly added accessory to the cheerful moment they received the candies at and make them realize the love and affection you have for them. 

Make them event-specific:

Another wonderful idea for parents to amuse their children with the candy packaging boxes would be designing them according to the theme of the event. Candies are the children essentials no matter what event is at hand. Especially for events like Halloween and Christmas, you simply cannot expect them to pass the time without the addition of some cherishing candies. Therefore, it is an amazing idea to design your child treat boxes according to the theme of the event. When everything is in accordance with each other, it would naturally be entertaining for the children and adults alike. You can either choose the shape like pumpkin-shaped boxes or a large Santa head or you can stick to the stickers’ idea. You can also paint the relevant textures on the box bodies. Whatever suits your needs and would look adequate can be produced on the boxes of candies. 

Box style selection:

Several ideas are floating in the market to take guidance to design your candy box packaging. There are several trendy designs to make your candy box stand out amongst others, children like to receive things that are relatively unconventional and makes them special amongst their friends and siblings. Some of the designs are as follow:

·      Window boxes:

These boxes have a clear plastic covered window in a fancy box style cardboard design so that the consumer or the receiver can see what is actually there inside to make their day special. Ideal for the curious kind since they would shake it to have the idea of all the delicacies your box has to offer making it a fun activity as well.

·      Pyramid surprise gift box

As the name proposes, it looks like a pyramid with a square base and triangular sections. They are often tied with a fancy looking ribbon to have the appearance of the gift. It opens into a shuriken type of plate making it more amusing to the children.

·      Explosion boxes:

Who does not know about the explosion boxes? They are inspired by the Russian dolls to contain smaller boxes one inside the other with chocolates and candies layered inside the walls of each box.

·      Laser-cut boxes:

No matter how advanced the die-cutting gets it would never match the versatility of the laser cutting technique. You can introduce highly complex designs in your box structure and etching with the technology of laser cutting. But that is quite an expensive method and should be considered for a very specialized need only. Children love the cartoons and various product mascots; you can amuse them by etching their favourite superhero or fictional figure on their candy packaging boxes.

Sourcing options:

If you cannot design the box on your own, several online and offline services can help you design what you exactly desire. Personalized candy boxes would need a dedicated service to design, manufacture and deliver the box to your doorstep. They will charge you more but they shall sufficiently serve the purpose. But if you are looking for larger quantities for your business then you should probably be looking for candy boxes, wholesale manufacturers. That would be feasible for financial limitations as well.

Candy boxes can be used to amuse children and adults alike on various occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and in the form of wedding favours as well. You can custom-make them the way you like and fit your requirements. Manufacturers of candy boxes Melbourne provide a complete end-to-end solution for your candy packaging requirements. You can approach them either online or offline. 


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