Top Kinds of Bathroom Tiles and Trends In 2020

Selecting the right tiles for your bathroom is no longer an easy job. With the tremendous options of colours, textures, sizes, and shapes of tiles available, you are going to be overwhelmed.

The choice of tiles depends both on functionality and aesthetics. The selection also depends on the budget and potential wear and tear.

The following are some major kinds of bathroom tiles:

  • Vinyl Tiles

The most common and affordable bathroom flooring option is vinyl tiling. It is a highly practical option and suits every kind of bathroom. This tile option offers excellent aesthetics and is installed easily. When there is a focus on safety, comfort, and durability, such tiles are very popular.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are made of the same material, but ceramic is made out of material that is ground-more firmly. This renders ceramic tiles Melbourne as less wear and water resistant. Proper sealing and installation enhance the durability of such tiles.

Ceramic tiles offer a seamless look to the floor of the bathroom. It is available in different styles and colour options. It is economical and easy to maintain. But it is tough to install compared to vinyl tiles. They must be coated with a glaze of high grade to protect from scratches and wearing away.

  • Porcelain Tiles

They are harder as compared to ceramic tiles Melbourne. Therefore, they are stain-free, scratch-free, water-resistant, and durable. They are available in a wide array of colours and styles resembling stone and wood. They can be used to give a high gloss or matte look as per your choice.

  • Stone Tiles

They can be made from granite, limestone, slate, and marble. They are found in various colours like tumbled, flamed, sandblasted, etc. But compared to ceramic tiles, they are much higher on maintenance. Such flooring demands frequent sealing and cleaning. Concerning, such tiles are highly expensive, like marble tiles Melbourne. The same look can be achieved through porcelain or ceramic at a much cheaper rate.

  • Glass Tiles

An illusion of depth is provided by using glass tiles for flooring of bathrooms. When the glass is tinted, it offers a stained-glass appearance, which adds to the beauty. Experts advise the use of glass tiles with some texture for enhancing the grip and preventing any slippage.

  • Linoleum Floor Tiles

Such tiles are well suited for bathrooms because of their property of repelling dirt, microbes, and dust. This tile is manufactured from linseed oil, wood flour, cork powder, and ground limestone. The appearance provided by such tiles are amazing and so they are quite expensive. Such tiles come in plank designs that are click-in-place and easy to install.

  • Cork Tiles

They come in tinted colours. Such flooring provides comfort and warmth to the feet. The flooring is conducted by glueing, followed by several coatings of polyurethane to stop penetration of moisture from the subfloor. These tiles are eco-friendly options, having good thermal properties for maintaining good temperature when there is cold weather outside.

Trends of Bathroom Tiles In 2020

Following are the major trends of bathroom tiles in 2020 based on patterns, shapes, finishes, and colours:

  • Patterned tiles

Whether in bold colours or subtle hues, patterned tiles will capture your heart. Graphic, patterned tiles are the most popular trend this coming year. It helps the homeowner or interior designer the opportunity to get creative, like with marble tiles Melbourne.

  • Matte and Glossy

Matte finish tiles feature a beautiful and soft look without being overwhelming. One benefit of matte finishes is that they do not show up watermarks and smudges like glossy tiles. This makes them perfect for busy bathrooms. Low sheens also make them easier to maintain. But while setting up these tiles, ensure that there is enough light in the room as such tiles do not reflect light.

Glossy finish tiles provide a more dramatic look to the bathroom. They typically create a polished and elegant feel and look. They are great for small bathrooms because they reflect much amount of light and create an illusion of big space. But they need more maintenance and are prone to slippage. Hence, they are suited to low traffic bathrooms.

  • Neutral and white tiles

Some of the modern designs make much use of neutral colours, which is the trend for 2020. Bold colours like red, blue, and green are not common in the bathroom. Instead, homeowners are growing fond of neutrals, particularly nude neutrals like creams and greys. Beige and grey have become popular neutral shades. Neutral colours are calming and relaxing, making the bathroom a sanctuary inside the home.

These are some of the happening trends of bathroom tiles in 2020.

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