The nitty-gritty details of Ramadan gift idea.

The major festival of the Islam religion is Eid that is the final day of the month of Ramadan and it is celebrated in a grand way. But many people have any confusion regarding this festival gift idea. So, let’s clear the facts about Ramadan.

1. Who said that Ramadan is only about starvation? The day time hours is the time when people follow the fast but they also attend school, college, office. The bottom line is that people who are keeping fast have to refrain from any kind of food and drink, sex, cursing, backbiting, and any form of negative activity. Keeping the self away from such things brings immense peace to the mind and soul gift idea. People also say that following Ramadan and fasting allows one to be more creative. Ramadan is an opportunity to forgive, let go, and focus on what is most important. And that is why people greet their near and dear ones with Ramadan gifts.

2. Do you know fasting is also from emotions? During this fantastic time of fasting one does not only keeps himself away from food and drink but also from all kind of negative emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy, etc. Actually, both things accompany each other – when one fast he keeps himself away from the most basic need of life and therefore modesty fills his mind. Therefore, the heart is actually fasting from grieving and the minds take control, rather than the emotions.

3. Is it possible to fast for 30 days without break? The fact is fasting is observed only from sunrise till sunset. As soon as evening time comes, they can break their fast and fill their stomach with good food and water. Many people organize after-party for their friends and relatives and that is a nice Ramadan gift idea.

4. The spiritual angle of fasting: When someone is fasting the mind is filled with positive thoughts and it is a discipline that makes people strong to forget about food. Instead, people think on spiritual lines and try to derive an answer to questions like who are we, what is our real work, and where have we come from?

5. Does Ramadan end after 30 days? This festival called Ramadan gives people a chance to look deep inside their mind and soul. The realization of the self is carried out into the rest of the lives. It is a once a year event and therefore reminds the people about life and makes them thankful towards the Almighty. The self-restraint and self-control tactics mastered during this festival is something that lasts a lifetime. Fasting is one among the five pillars of Islam religion that binds people with God.

So, now you know that Ramadan lasts forever and not only a 30-day event.


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