A Detailed Guide of Reconstructive Surgeries and Its Benefits

Those plastic surgeries which are aimed at reconstructing the deformed body parts which are not normal either in functionality, shape or both, are termed as reconstructive surgeries. Such deformities are generally a result of congenital abnormalities which are present from the time of birth, development abnormalities, burns and cuts, infectious diseases, or tumours. These type of surgeries are normally aimed for improving the functionality of a body part which can be fingers, limbs, etc. Also, some reconstructive surgeries are performed to enhance the appearance and functionality at the same time. One such example is of the blepharoplasty procedure, which is the eyelid surgery. Though blepharoplasty is generally considered as cosmetic surgery, it also enhances the functionality of the eyelids and improves the hampered vision.

When to opt for a Reconstructive Surgery?

There are various instances which lead to the need for reconstructive surgery. Most common ones usually are focused at a single body part and aim to enhance its functionality so that the affected person can return to nearest normality. In many cases, the reconstructive surgeries alter with the appearance too. Most typical instances for reconstructive surgeries are:

  • Breast Reconstructive Surgery: It is normally indicated after the complications arise following mastectomy procedures, which is generally done to treat breast cancer or prevent it from spreading.
  • Palates and Lips Surgery: Cleft palates or lips are a common congenital disability in infants, and they disfigure the facial appearance. Such deformities may also arise due to abnormal dental growth and also affect speech, feeding or other usual activities. This surgery helps a lot in developing confidence in individuals personality.
  • Ear Surgery: Deformities may be present in either or both of the ears due to accidents or may be present since birth. Such defects may cause impaired hearing too and can be treated using reconstructive surgeries.
  • Hand Surgery: Such deformities may also be congenital or accidental, and they are usually in the form of additional fingers or webbed fingers. Such deformities affect the daily activities of the person to a considerable extent.
  • Scar Treatment: Several accidents and burns lead to the formation of scars which may refuse to heal on their own and reconstructive surgery is the only resort. Apart from disfiguring the affected area, they also may lead to restricted functionality.
  • Skin Cancer Treatment: Cancer treatment often involves the removal of cancerous lesions, which again requires such surgeries to be done. It’s noteworthy that most oncologists in India advise the procedure for cancer treatment.

How are reconstructive surgeries changing lives?

Many times, people recover from a road accident or a burn incident, but they are left with scars which don’t seem to vanish on their own. Also, congenital disabilities like cleft palates and lips disfigure the facial appearance and living with a facial scar is no easy task. However, reconstructive surgeries are nothing less than a boon of medical science, which has changed the lives of people who were affected by such deformations and abnormalities.


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