7 Home Treatments to Follow for Breathing Problems

Sometimes, you can’t get the fresh air or enough air, and it could start even instantly. Such a condition is known as shortness of Breathing Problems because you can’t get air into your lungs. 

Research also says that heart and lung issues may be the reasons behind the shortness of breath.

Breathing issues can be temporary or long-lasting, but it all depends on what are the causes. COVID-19 also has signs of breathing problems along with other symptoms, such as fever and cough. More signs reveal you have developed COVID-19 like blue lips.

If you do not have corona signs, you should try some home remedies to treat your breathing problems. First, you should learn about the causes of shortness of breath.

Causes of Breathing Problems

Minor breathing issues treatment will prevent you from developing major diseases. That’s why you should learn about the causes, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Anxiety
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • High Altitude with Lower Oxygen Levels
  • Arrhythmia
  • Subglottic Stenosis
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Inhalation Injury

In this article, I will share with you some 7 Powerful home treatments for breathing issues.

Alleviate Shortness of Breath with Best Home Treatments

  1. Standing near a Wall

Whenever you feel shortness of breath, you need to stand because standing calms your body and airways. All you need is to stand with a supported back near a wall (rest your lower back on the wall). Make sure that you keep the distance between your feet and put your hands on your thighs. Now, relax your shoulders and swing your arms in the forward direction.

  1. Standing Position plus Put arms on Table for Support

You need to stand near a table (make sure it is below your shoulders). Make your body position so that you relax your hands on the table and relax your neck. The next step is to relax your shoulders while resting your head on your arms.

  1. Sit in forwarding Direction 

When I visited a lung surgeon in Karachi, he suggested not lean on your knees to catch the breath. In this position, your airways can’t relax. According to the thoracic surgeon, people need to sit in the forward position. You can practice at home by sitting in a chair and feet flat on the floor, plus lean forward. Besides, allow your head to relax on the table. Such a position will let your body stretch and improve your breathing.

  1. Practice Yoga at Home

If you are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you need to practice yoga because it’s a proven technique to treat shortness of breath. You may get help from your Yoga instructor for relaxing yoga poses. According to a pulmonologist, we need to take yoga sessions at least twice a week to improve lung function. People with lung diseases say that they feel better and relax while breathing by practising yoga.

  1. Reduce Shortness of Breath Symptoms using a Fan

The hand-held fan helps to reduce breathing issues and allows you to relax. You need to point a small fan toward your face and inhale the air. Once you start this practice, you will notice an instant effect on lung function.

  1. Allow Coffee to Relax your Muscles

To relax the muscles of your airways, you need to drink coffee. People with asthma should also try this technique as it will reduce the symptoms of breathing issues instantly. If you are going somewhere, drink a coffee because it has long-lasting effects. For example, one coffee mug will let your airway muscles relax for almost four hours.

  1. Pursed Lips Breathing 

It is an effective technique to treat shortness of breath at home. When you follow the pursed-lip breathing, you can take a deeper breath and allow you to release trapped-lungs air. How to do it?

Counts for two and let breathe in air through your nose. Purse your lips like when you whistle. Exhale slowly through your whistle-shaped lips for 4 Counts.

Final Words!

Researchers from Federal Hospital say that home remedies are effective, but your condition may worsen if you do not change your lifestyle. People who smoke should quit it as it can harm their lungs and trigger heart diseases. Obesity may also develop shortness of breath, but you can work out to get the desired weight.

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