Best 11 All-Time Good Documentaries 

Excellent documentaries frequently provide accessibility and insight to tales typically lost to the public. A documentary’s topic might vary from 1 person’s life to a more significant governmental event, and the documentaries’ impact can range from joyful to sad. Stacker compiled a list of the most incredible 11 documentaries of all time to honor the genre.

  1. Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back

Director D. A. Pennebaker follows Bob Dylan on his 1965 tour of England, recording live concerts as well as personal glimpses from Dylan’s life away from the platform and reams of music. Pennebaker stated that “Don’t Look Back” was never meant to be a real documentary, which he defines as a film that delves profoundly and teaches. His purpose was not to paint a certain picture of a musician legend’s lifestyle, but instead to show the audience what it was like to spend a few hours with him. You will love this documentary watch by downloading it on The Pirate Bay at your weekends.

  1. The Endurance

It has a new film from the initial expedition’s destinations and conversations with the remaining families of the expedition leader participants. The Endurance, Shackleton’s vessel, was smashed by ice, yet the scientist and his expedition companions amazingly survived the experience.

  1. Amy

This film explores Amy Winehouse’s life narrative, using never-before-seen material, home films, and over 100 testimonials to build a picture of her extraordinary talent and terrible, early demise. Mitchell Winehouse, Amy Winehouse’s dad, was a harsh critic of the program, stating that it presented him poorly and inaccurate.

  1. The Last Train Home
Last Train Home - Asia Pacific Screen Awards

“Last Train Home” examines the impact of China’s financial development on households by following industrial employees who forego their personal life to pursue their career goals. Chen and Zhang are the central characters in the movie, and their attempts to bond with the youngsters they see seldom owing to their jobs.

  1. The Tillman Story 

“The Tillman Story,” tells the story of Pat Tillman, a former football player who became a military and died in Afghanistan. The Taliban allegedly murdered Tillman. Critics praised it as a very compelling work of anti-immigrant.

  1. Crip Camp 

 “Crip Camp” was created by Michelle and Obama’s production company, Better Grounds, and published in a year that honored the commemoration of the Americans with Discrimination Act.

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu

This video portrays communist tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu, who ruled Romanian from 1965 to 1989, utilizing Romanian National Television and National Film Collections. Ceausescu and his wife were killed on Xmas Day 1989, following Ceausescu being toppled.

  1. The overnighters
Is 'The Overnighters' on Netflix in Canada? Where to Watch the Documentary  - New On Netflix Canada

“The Overnighters” is about a preacher in North Dakota who causes a stir in his community by welcoming homeless persons searching for jobs. It’s been likened to the classic 20th-century immigration novel “The Grapes of Wrath” by reviewers.

  1. Dick Johnson Is Dead

Director Kirsten Johnson confronts the approaching mortality of her father due to Alzheimer’s in this documentary with a passionate love wrapped in dark comedy. She perceives and creates a variety of scenarios in which her father may die, but none of them are particularly gruesome. The result is one final minute session, one last time with dad and daughter involved in pretend play in an attempt to manipulate the unpredictable, to have a voice on how they’ll welcome death when it arrives at them, as this does to all of us.

  1. I Called Him Morgan

“I Called Him Morgan” is about jazz legend Lee Morgan’s widower, Helen Morgan, who cared for him during his opioid problem and was eventually charged with murder. The Guardian described it as “spellbinding, mercurial, hallucinogenic, exuberant, sad”—adjectives that may be employed to define jazz at its finest.

  1. Sound and Fury

Sound and Fury Many people, particularly those not deaf or who do not know anybody who is deaf, might wonder why someone will choose not to listen if they had to. Sensorineural hearing loss became a lifestyle and a culture for many clans, as the Artinians in “Sound and Fury.” This film examines how a simple decision like acquiring assistive technologies is more challenging than most people realize.

  1. Night will fall

Researchers discovered a surprise in World War II clips: a film on German death camps directed by Alfred Spielberg and Sidney Cohen in 1945. With Helen Bonham Carter as the storyteller, director André Singer recounts the creation of this lost picture. The movie has survivor and liberated interviews and brief newsreel films interspersed with raw video from the initial 1945 film.


Surprisingly, the documentary genre of all types of cinema presents a tale that is stranger than fiction. Documentaries have pushed heavily towards the genre, producing some of the oldest, most captivating, and intricate deep dives into interesting actual events. The finest documentaries provide important views on our strange world. It might be challenging to sift through the reams of notorious algorithms and determine which movies are worthy of your attention. 


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