Here are some facts about C Date Ratings

C Date is the ideal service for those who want something more out of their relationship. If you use the letter ‘c’ in casual dating, you may meet married folks, attached individuals, and singles looking for a special encounter.

Since its launch in 2008, it has ranked at the top spot in Spain, the second spot in Germany, and the third spot in Switzerland, France, and Italy. The app is used by over 500,000 UK residents. The site is used by over 36 million people worldwide.

Around 7500 new members are joining each day from the UK, while about 25,000 are joining from around the world. Despite the site’s reputation, how do the numbers stack up? C Date has been thoroughly reviewed by our staff, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in finding out more. Dating app C Date makes dating easy.

Services are available both for free and for a fee

C-Date lets you browse other members’ profiles within minutes of signing up. You will not need to pay a dime to create your own profile, and you will be able to receive messages and proposals for free.

In order to view or send those messages, you must subscribe. Through free services, you cannot view complete profiles.

With a subscription, you’ll be able to read all of their profiles, chat with them, send photos, and begin dating them.

What C-Date has to offer

Besides these features, there are others that make your experience on our website more enjoyable. You have an extra advantage with the casual dating theme. Consider these examples:

●     It is unique to me to write erotica. It is possible to show what you are interested into other users by selecting five photos from a selection of thumbnails. You can find people who are like you easier by including these qualities in your profile.

●     Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. If you become a member, you can share as much information or as little as you like so that your privacy is further protected. You do not have to discuss everything about yourself if you choose ‘Ask Me Personally’, such as your smoking habits or tattoos.

●     You can move around using the navigation bar. The minimal navigation bar is one of the factors that make C-Date so easy to use. C-Date presents you only with three sections: mailbox, contacts, and fees. The right side of your profile is an overview of your profile, suggested matches, and who has viewed it.

●     Describe the search criteria in an overview. Those seeking discreet encounters will benefit from this particular service.

Furthermore, users can specify the dating interests of potential matches in addition to determining their appearance and location.

The payment process

The fact that payments can be made in numerous ways is an important factor for many people, but they should be discrete. The bills sent by C-Date do not contain references to the company’s website in order to protect the privacy of its customers.

Online banking, debit or credit cards or direct debit can be used to make payments. It is required that you cancel your current subscription at least 14 days before it expires.

Support for customers

Online dating users are frequently faced with customer service and care issues. Compared to many of its competitors, C-Date is still superior. Please wait up to three business days for a response from customer support after clicking the ‘Help’ button.


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