Optimizing SAT learning Technologically

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is the paper-based standardized test administered by the College Board especially in the US and Canada. This test is particularly taken by the students who aspire to take admissions in the undergraduate courses. The aspirants are tested based on their written, verbal and mathematical skills. There are various methods of getting tutorials on SAT and one of them is the SAT online coaching. This provides a real classroom like learning experience with the convenience of digital interface. Various modules on different topics are uploaded daily to increase in-depth knowledge about the syllabus of SAT.

SAT analyse the ability of the test maker based on the following basis-


Reading tests– This test of a 65-minute time limit is based on multiple-choice questions. A reading passage followed by tables, charts, and graphs is provided to analyse the understanding ability of the given content. The passage is generally based on science, social studies, and history. All the answers to the questions stated are content-based and no numeric ability is required here in analysing the graphs.

Writing and language tests– The 35-minute test comprises of 44 multiple-choice questions. This test is related to the reading test where the parts of the passage are underlined and the test-taker is asked to make corrections, change sentences, improve word choice and increase sentence organizing quality.

Mathematics test– This section is divided into two parts- with and without a calculator. The students have to solve 58 questions in 80 minutes which will cover 45 MCQ and 13 Grid-in questions. The first part with calculator comprises of 38 questions and the other one consists of 20 questions. The various topics covered by this section are Algebra, Problem-solving and data analysis, and advanced mathematics.

The exam administration body aims to measure literacy, numeric, and writing skills of the students pursuing their academic goals. The completion of this exam takes three hours and extra Fifty minutes if the essay section is chosen by the candidate. The registration for this exam is done on the website of the College Board five weeks before each test date. The exam is offered numerously in the year. Several websites and institutes are offering online tutorials for the preparation of this course. The students who are planning to opt for studies overseas are required to take this test and successfully qualify the same. There is no minimum or maximum age bar for the exam eligibility set by the exam board. However, the test takers should have passed out their high school education to appear for undergraduate courses.


The digital platform of learning requires the same time and effort to grasp the concepts. However, virtual learning offers you more flexibility and convenience. The online SATs offers on-the-spot questions which will help to check the basic understanding of the concept. It can help to maintain a good balance between work and study schedules. Online SAT coaching takes an edge over the traditional methods as it offers blogs by experienced and international faculty who expertise in recent trends and topics of the examination.


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