ASPAM IIS Celebrates Synergy 2020

Connecting and Collaborating the 17 UN SUSTAINABLE GOALS

ASPAM Indian International School, the best Sharjah Indian School, aims at becoming a sustainable school by integrating best practices in academics and co-curricular activities for the holistic development of the students.  The Academic year 2019-20 saw the school taking the 17 UN sustainable goals in their co-scholastic and scholastic activities, to groom students into active, conscious and responsible citizens.  

The Annual Sports day, Synergy 2020 that was conducted on January 28th an 29th 2020 from kindergarten to Senior grades, did witness students taking part in colourful and creative events with the UN sustainable goals embedded in it.   

Good health and well –being, life below water, sustainable cities and communities, clean water and sanitation are some of those goals that had a prominent place in the sports games that were organized by the school at Sharjah Indian School.  

True to the school motto “I Am Me. I Am Unique”, the kindergarten sports events enthusiastically displayed their events under the banner   “Aim for your Goal, Play Great.”

The department focused on building a culture of memory,  by having an awareness session with the young parent community on the history of the ASPAM group of schools and its vision towards the future ASPAMITES. The major emphasis was laid on building values such as tolerance, empathy, perseverance, and patience. The program captured the hearts of parents on understanding the dedication and commitment sowed into the building of APSAM foundation, by its founders Shri Ashok Goel and Shri Sudhir Goel, who also own the Gulf Petrochem, a leading oil business company in UAE and other parts of the world.

The Kinder Sports event began with the inauguration of the Ghaf Tree in the school campus by the Chief Guest for the day, Mr Sultan Omran Salim Al Owais, Managing Director of Al Majarah Real Estate. 

ASPAM IIS believes in implementing the   “Inside Box Innovation Model,” that looks into the realities of the learning activities and creating something new.

With the police band taking a lead before the commencement of the walkathon by the future young sustainable leaders, the spectacular events witnessed colourful callisthenics and innovative raced that showcased the skills and talent of young ones in each sustainable goal that the department had chosen and trained the KG1 and KG2 little stars.

Collaboration is the key to build innovation and creativity for any event. ASPAM IIS has been jointly working with Al-Alhilya school in academic activities for the Academic year 2019-20. The collaborative activities taken up by both schools, concluded, on the kindergarten sports day with both schools participating in friendly competitions.

The most important word in education is building positive relationships. ASPAM IIS strives towards creating excellence by implementing a culture of positivity and innovation in all the best practices that are taken up in academic and co-curricular activities.  

At APSAM IIS, one of the reputed schools in Sharjah, innovation does not become an event but it is a norm.  We look forward to building moral values through sports and games as much as we do in all our academic work. 

Aside from academic achievements, the school believes that it is successful when the students are aware of health and wellness areas and can implement them at school, home and society.

The school has a practice of making students participate in aerobic exercises not only at morning assemblies but also at the beginning of academic instruction. At ASPAM the healthy projects and campaigns are connected with physical fitness, nutrition, social and emotional wellbeing of every student.


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