How to Start Off in Shooting Sports?

Whether you want to become the next big shooter in competitive sports or just enjoy the thrill of hitting one target after another, this guide will help you. Shooting sports are becoming increasingly popular these days because they offer just the right combination of adrenaline rush and skills. If you want to be able to shoot with an air rifle and maybe qualify for a top-notch competitive event, read on. 

How to get started?

If you are in India, then you will not get access to Shooting Sports ranges easily. These spaces are generally owned by the armed forces and they do not let the general public access their resources. These ranges are often used for training their new recruits or for regular practising.shoot with an air rifle If you are interested in practising this at a competitive level, you will have to find the nearest shooting academy for the purpose. 

In other countries too, you will find several shooting ranges that take in newcomers. Some of them may even provide classes for people who don’t aim for competitive Shooting Sports sports and keep shooting as a recreational activity only. 

You must make sure that the shooting range is home to experts who can guide you well, regardless of what your goal is. This sport can easily get dangerous if you fail to undertake proper care. Therefore, staying in the company of experts and learning the basics with them is essential for your and others’ safety. 

Keep some basics in mind

As soon as you start practising with experts, keep a few important things in mind. 

Handle the gun with care

Always make sure that you handle the gun with great care. Always treat the weapon as if it is loaded and make sure you keep your finger off the trigger. Not following these two simple rules could injure you or anyone else around you.

Understand your targets

Shooters are always advised to keep their guns holstered when they are not being used. This will help in avoiding the chances of harm. When you point towards a target, make sure that you know what is behind it or around it. Most beginners do not have a good aim because of which they may fire away from the targets. Not understanding the backstop could be harmful to you and others. Therefore, make sure you always remain aware of your surroundings. 

Brace for impact

It might be glamorous to see action stars shooting multiple times without batting an eyelid. However, in reality, every gunshot comes with a backward impact that has to be born by your hands and shoulders. If you don’t prepare for adequate impact, you could be at the risk of injuring yourself. Assuming the right position before shooting is crucial for you. 

Practice makes perfect

Unless you practice regularly, you will not get better at shooting. Keep yourself in good health and make sure that you avoid straining your eyes too much. A good vision, posture and position could make your practice better than an average shooter. You may be advised to start with smaller guns like best .22 calibres rifle, in the beginning, to help you practice your aim better. As you become better, start moving to bigger guns. You can also try shooting with an air rifle. 

The right attire

What? Does shooting demand attire? Yes. It is common sense to wear shoes providing full coverage instead of slippers, sandals or other open-toed shoe varieties. The stronger your shoes and the more coverage they provide, the better. You can also avoid wearing extremely losing fitting clothes, especially the V-necked varieties. Instead, choose something fitted with adequate coverage. Also, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable because they may interfere with your ability to move your arms properly. 

Participate in competition

You won’t go anywhere in the shooting unless you start participating in some shooting competitions. Make a list of all shooting events in your area and mark your attendance there. Even if you are not a participant, you will learn a lot shoot with an air rifle. Competitive sports can also open opportunities for participating in larger events, maybe even the Olympics.

However, if you are serious about becoming a competitive shooter, you have to make sure that you keep winning competitions and keep training under the best of coaches. Starting young is always considered better in any competitive sport.


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