Some FAQs’ about Silver Service Taxis  Melbourne

Travelling to a new place requires a lot of research and contemplation. Transportation being the key element of travel, it gets essential to make sure you are well aware of all the facts related to the same.  If you are planning to visit Melbourne and are sceptical about the Taxi services in Melbourne. Here are some frequently asked questions related to Silver Taxis Melbourne that may be of some help to you. 

How to estimate taxi rental for Melbourne airport to city taxi?

If you are taking a regular taxi service, there is no way you can estimate the exact fare that the driver might ask you for. It is always better to trust a reliable taxi such as Silver Taxi service because then “You get what you pay for” and are not asked to pay for unnecessary charges. 

Are return pick-ups offered?

Yes, return pick-ups are offered by Silver service taxis. Once the customer is dropped off at the airport, we make sure to get the return flight details from the customer. So, when your flight returns there is a silver taxi awaiting your presence.  

Do you provide city-to-airport taxi?

Silver service taxis provide door-to-door service. This also serves the purpose of airport transfers that are both easy and efficient. Silver taxis are secure and affordable, hence while they make your transit as smooth as butter, they don’t drill a hole in your pocket. Silver taxis are the most reliable mode of transfer from airport to city and vice versa. 

Can a person hire the taxi for a private tour?

it is totally possible to hire a taxi for a private tour around the city. May it is a groovy night out or a quick day tour to the famous wineries of Melbourne, silver taxi are always available in your service. A taxi can be booked at any hour of the day at a pocket-friendly rate for any and every purpose. 

Do You Have Travel Time Calculator for Melbourne taxi to the airport?

People like to stay updated and organized so, it is important for some people to know the time duration of the travel. It is because they can get an estimate of the time they will reach their desired destinations. Generally, customers make use of google maps but sometimes it is not as accurate because it keeps on changing. The best option is to ask your professional driver about the time duration because he can tell you about that with the most accuracy. 

Difference between a maxi taxi and regular taxi?

The main difference between a maxi taxi and a regular taxi revolves around the accommodation factor. A regular taxi holds 4-seater capacity whereas a maxi taxi is a 10 seater van. You can always book a silver taxi for Melbourne airport. Just keep in mind that a silver taxi has limited space for luggage.  Make sure you book a taxi that meets all your needs and it is always a good idea to carry minimalistic luggage. Do not go overboard with the packing because it may cause problems for you during the transit. 

Why book Silver taxi online?

You really don’t need to waste your time waiting for cabs for your transit requirements. Standing in ques for as long as thirty minutes is not what you want after a tiring flight. It is always a good idea to book a cab beforehand online, so you don’t have to waste any time waiting or hailing for taxis. Also, when you book a silver service taxi online for airport pick-up, the driver waits for you 5 minutes prior to your arrival by tracking your flight timings that are asked at the time of the booking. So, there are no more delays and interludes. Just a smooth and easy journey. 

Which is the cheap taxi to Melbourne airport:

Whether you travel solo or in a group, the cost of travelling is the main aspect to take into consideration. If you are wondering which taxi is the most economical, you can trust the silver taxi service with closed eyes for your airport pick-ups and city tours. This taxi service is affordable and ensures that your travel is comfortable. 

Also, if you are hosting a meeting of business professionals who are to travel to you from all across the world. Give silver taxis a chance to be responsible for their transportation because you won’t regret it. Also, the lavishness of silver taxis will put a great impression on your guests while you get all the brownie points. Moreover, if you are expecting guests this weekend, you will obviously want to make sure that they reach your place safely. Don’t worry because silver taxi Melbourne is both safe and secure with professional and licensed drivers who know their way around the city. They will do their best to provide your guests with a hassle-free and comfortable transit. 


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