Anyone saw the movie ‘Around the World in 80 days travelling?’ I am sure most of you must have watched it, after all, it has Jackie Chain playing the lead road, and who doesn’t like him? So, the name is what made me want to watch the film. Can anyone really travel the world in 80 days? He will not be able to bask in the beauty of each place he sees.

There are now 195 nations in the world. The biggest country is Russia and the smallest being Vatican City with a population of just 618 and a surface area of 0.44 square kilometres, making it way smaller than London. 

Now, think about it, 80 days and 195 countries, that would mean you are travelling to a minimum of two countries in a day and you are probably doing just that travelling and nothing else. Going about one city in a day and exploring all its glory and culture in the span of 24 hours is not only a preposterous idea but also impossible.


The true meaning of travelling is not to just sit on a plane and go to your place of desire to then come back without having seen anything, and without having made any lasting memories. Because when you do decide to take that break from your own world, you want to make the best of it. Travelling exhilarates your soul; however, it can only do that if you allow your travels the time and attention they need. 

Being preoccupied with covering a preplanned journey is not going to let you be invigorated at the end of your trip. Spontaneity and a happy-go-lucky vibe should be the one mindset you need to possess. Always being on your phone and worrying about life at home and work will 100% dampen your partner and your experience. 

When you travel, you must forget the life you have at home, and immerse yourself in the present and only focus on cherishing today, because you might not ever get to come back again. Regrets should never be a part of your travels, and if you don’t enjoy your trip today, then you will regret later on.


How many continents are there in the world? Seven. How many continents are appropriate for travelling? Six. Which one isn’t? Antarctica, if you aren’t a scientist, you cannot go there. The environment is inhospitable for humans. It is only summers that will allow some kind of research work there. Winters would freeze everything in its sheet of ice. You should watch ‘Eight Below’ to get an idea of what I am talking about.

Even if we can’t go to that one continent on the south pole, there are still six left that will be enough to satiate a wanderer’s soul. Let us start from the west.


Beginning with the Americas, North America has three major tourist-friendly countries. These are the United States, Canada and Mexico. All three have different attributes that make them a traveller’s dream. 

Talking about the USA, the States is bombarded with travelling spots that have to be visited at least once in a lifetime. New York comes first to my mind, from Times Square to Soho, from Central Park to the Empire State Building with 102 stories, there is a lot to explore in the city. The south of the country has the infamous Las Vegas to gamble your money away and Los Angeles to get your fill of Hollywood.


South America has a different kind of charm, with the majority of the countries speaking Spanish, it seems like one joint family. There are countries like Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay that are famous for having exceptionally brilliant International Football teams. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup 5 times, that is the maximum for any country.

The places to have on your bucket list for this continent are Rio De Janeiro and its statue of Christ the Redeemer, and then there is Buenos Aires in Argentina that has the Teatro Colon, a classic 1908 opera house that would make you fall in love with the art. The Chiloe Island in Chile would replenish your need for everything natural, from beaches to mountains, from para-sailing on the ocean to hiking through the lush green trees.


Coming to the continent of the Britons, I am not going to highlight our country because to do it, and justice would need a separate blog altogether. The European continent has so many small states that you probably would need a decade to travel.

From The Louvre in Paris that houses the world-famous Mona Lisa, to The Blue Mosque in Turkey with five main domes, six minarets and eight secondary domes is a classic architectural marvel. Every part of Europe, be it Norway’s cold or Italy’s humidity will beguile you beyond your imagination.


Africa is unlike any other continent. From the Egyptian Pyramids to the South African stadiums, some places will delight you. 

Since Africa is the least developed and most conflicted continents, you cannot visit all the countries. However, if you are not just travelling for fun, but also to give back to the society, then you can go to countries like Sudan and help the people there, much like the doctors without borders do.

And once you are done, Seychelles’ calm and isolated beaches would be waiting for you.

  •  ASIA

The biggest continent in the world and also the most diverse in its culture and heritage. Russia, India, Japan, UAE, Thailand and Singapore are a few of the top tourist attractions.

The Taj Mahal in India and Burj Kalifa in Dubai are the most notable buildings in the world. While one symbolises eternal love, the other personifies the infrastructural advancements we have made to accomplish the feat of building a skyscraper with a floor count of 163. I wonder how small the world would look when you reached that 163rd floor.


The last continent is Oceania, which mainly comprises Australia, New Zealand and the newly famous Fiji Islands among other island nations.

Australia is the only country which is the home of Kangaroos, and if you haven’t seen one in real life and wish to do so then, you know where to go. The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge will awe you to an unimaginable level. At the same time, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the Great Ocean Road will make your jaws drop, and your eyes pop with their glorious views.

After having talked about each continent’s majesty, I want to answer the question that most people have, that is, is travelling worth the cost? The answer depends on your outlook towards it. Travelling is a costly affair, from the flight tickets to the hotel bookings, every aspect drains your money similar to how a Lamborghini drains fuel. However, the thrill you get driving that beast is only a tenth of the invigoration you will get from travelling. Perhaps that is why there are people in this world who will take instalment loans for bad credit to revitalise themselves by being a constant wanderer.

Travelling does help you, to become better, to become more confident and more social. It also makes life more exciting and worth living. So, the next time you get a window in your schedule, go and explore the world.


Travelling as if you would never see that place again and travelling as if you don’t have the time to know that place. These are the two kinds of travels. Which do you think is the right way?


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