7 applications that fail to decrease the popularity of Whatsapp in India

Filehippo By observing the popularity of WhatsApp in India, One can confidently say that Whatsapp is the synonyms of text messaging and it will continue to lead among all other chatting applications in the future as well. Individuals of all ages rely upon WhatsApp as it supports them to associate with the entire world making use of their close and loved ones. There are so many text messaging applications available on Google stores open at utterly free with extra features, but It seems they all fail at the moment, In this post, we will be going through some famous names in the web world who fail entirely to beat the popularity of WhatsApp, so let’s start.


The line is the most used social network in Japan and Asian countries; it was launched in 2011 In Japan later on introduced in India after two years. The voice calls from LINE are far higher quality compare to all other calling apps. Even the video calls consume fewer data compare to WhatsApp although the Line app only has managed to gain 10 million users In India since 2013. The company has been promoting line app on TV channels for a long time Filehippo, and The Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has seen action in the advertisement, but the line app couldn’t beat the popularity of Whatsapp.


Although the Viber has got all the services that have been offered by WhatsApp, it has failed to gain popularity in India. However, Whatsapp doesn’t provide a facility such as self-destructing messages, land-line calls, stickers which are available in Viber, Indian people still love the WhatsApp app for texting.

Face book messenger 

Regarding the social network’s popularity, no other system can reach near to Facebook however the Facebook messenger app has been struggling for a long time due to low speed and poor quality of video calling by Filehippo. Here we must say that WhatsApp is a leading messenger platform and it will continue to be in the future as well.


In a comparison of hike and WhatsApp, one can easily see the differences such as the hike has the high speed of text messaging, got more Emojis, large file attachment limit 100mb and many more. Even after having such features, Indian people don’t want to install a hike; we wonder why they only want to communicate via WhatsApp in India.


Skype is the no 1 desktop software, which utilizes trusted encryption methods for communicating, in 2014, Skype started offering text and function for mobile users, and people installed it initially for free Video calling. We all know that Skype is the most famous program used by vast numbers of persons for private and company purposes. It is capable of doing a scope of matters and focuses primarily on voice and video chats between personal computers. Even being such a famous desktop application around the world, Skype couldn’t affect the popularity of WhatsApp in India in the last five years. 

Google Allo

Google started the instant messaging program Allo In 2016. Allo is dependent on quantities to differentiate end consumers, rather than networking marketing and accounts. It’s a response feature empowered with system understanding technology which indicates a response to the last received message Filehippo. Allo can also be one of the Google programs where it’s possible for you to utilize Assistant to find advice about weather, flights, and neighbouring areas, etc… Its other critical features comprise incognito-style, at which you access individual alarms and encryption.  However, the company like Google cannot succeed against WhatsApp even many Indian android users don’t know that Google has launched a text messaging application in 2016


It is a networking program invented In China that provides bulk-texting, audio conferencing for video calls; image sharing, and geo-tagging services. Contrary to Whatsapp, We chat does make it possible for advertisements. It is not initially very popular out of China, as 90 per cent of its users are from China because there are concerns regarding data privacy among Wechat users of many states like India USA and Taiwan.

If you know any other recently launched application that can decrease the popularity of WhatsApp  in the future then comment below 


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