Women fashion designer in the world with good knowledge.

The first women fashion designer was Charles Frederick worth, in the 19th century. He builds their fashion designing house in Paris. Worth is the first designer who explains to the customer what to wear and what to not and fulfil the demands of the customer. It is the beginning of fashion. It is not only made the clothes it also represents the symbol of brands. 


Fashion design is the art of designs, converting raw clothes into designer’s clothes, the beauty of clothes and its accessories women fashion designer. fashion design includes cultural and social attitudes. fashion designing divided into two parts haute couture and ready to wear.

Haute couture is made on order according to the specific customer. It is usually made from high quality, expensive fabric, sewn, detailing and finishing. Haute couture is hand executed techniques and its take time to make the designer clothes according to the customer priority.  

Ready- to- wear is made on order according to every customer.it is usually made with small quantity but the fabric is taken in great quality. The ready- to- wear takes place all over the citywide and every twice a year the fashion week is presented. The fashion week includes spring, summer, winter, bridal, resort etc. … nowadays, peoples generally prefer readymade clothes which easily available all over the world of any stores, malls, shopping complex.


Mainly the income/wages of the fashion designers were $61160.the middle designers earned about $42150 and $87120. The lowest designers earning about $32150.


The services provide trends, colour, market analysis, design concepts. The manufacturer deal with the customer and out the design according to their tastes, lifestyles, preferences etc. …and another way to sell their design in footwear, handbags, bedding etc.…


A fashion designer needs skills, training, sewing, textures, pattern

A tailor 

Tailor is the main feature of the fashion designer who makes the garments to the clients with the help of sewing machine especially the measure the clients fitting then makes a custom, coat, pants etc. 

A stylist

Stylist gives the sense of how to wear the clothes and give the great looks to the clients. Mainly the stylist is provided in fashion weeks. A stylish work with individual clients to give some amazing and modified looks with the help of clothes, jewellery and accessories. In sort, stylist coordinates the looks according to the clothes, pattern, textures, jewellery

A teacher of fashion designing

It teaches us about art and craft of fashion designing is the art of fashion school

A model

Model wears the dress which is display in the fashion week, shows and in photographs. The model can be boys or girls they walk on-ramp 


Nowadays fashion becomes very popular over the world. Every person any age of needs fashions. Every woman needs trends in day to day life therefore, there are top Indian designers in the fashion world are….

1.Ritu Kumar

2.Anamika Khanna

3.Masaba Gupta

4.Neetu lulla

5.Ritu Beri

6.Anita Dongre

7. Surely Goel

8.Gauri and Nayika


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