6 Unique Engagement Rings Ideas to Make Your Day Special

There are moments that you find endearing, but only a few of them are priceless. Like your engagement day. You have waited for it for so long. You had spent restless hours to make the day just the way you want. Now, you would never want the moment to be messed. It can be perfect if you pick the right engagement ring. How to do that? Well, to start with, think of it in the plural. You have to check lots of unique engagement rings to zero it down to just one, the one that would mark the beginning, the one that would be the bearer of your romance. 

The ring is something your love would flaunt to his or her already jealous friends. Then why are you not opting for something extraordinaire? Get it made as you have imagined it. All it is going to take is a little patience, a bit browsing for online suggestions, and your knowledge of your love. That is it. Why the last one? The ring should be at one with your love for the maximum shining effect.

What Should Be Your Concern?

Sometimes, if you let your passion drive you, you might touch the wrong finish line. But before making any hurried move, be sure that you get pat these hurdles;

  • Price

The myth says you should spend at least two months of your salary for the ring. Relax. It is just a myth. If you can spend, go ahead with unique engagement rings. But if you are a bit tight on that area, no problem. A lot can happen within a small budget.

  • Time

It is for your love. Don’t wait for the eleventh hour. Give it at least a month’s time. Just to be sure the jeweller gets enough time to do it right.

  • Fit 

This one is a bit tricky. If you are planning a surprise, then you cannot ask her for her ring size. Take her friend in your confidence. If both of you are planning it, then you can just ask her for the size.

  • Online or Offline

You can order everything online. But the source has to be trustworthy. You don’t want anyone to goof up things. As a plus, you would get an array of unique engagement rings to choose from. 

If you choose offline, then you could check the make and be assured of what is in store for you. But be prepared for a lot of store-hopping. 

Now, if you are ready, you can check the following six just to get an idea. 

1. Sound Wave Ring

This can blow your minds out of the park. The makers can record something sweet you have said to her or something she would like to remember always and get its wave etched on the ring. Cool, right? 

2. Thumb Print

It was William Herschel’s doing. No, not the making of the ring. Thumbprint, as he opined, differs from man to man. Each is unique, with tales to tell. You can add one more in your thumbprint’s repertoire by getting it etched on the wedding ring. 

3. NFC Rings

Nothing could beat it when you want to share your life with someone in the truest possible sense. These rings have tiny chips embedded in the ring. You can get it paired with your phone, and then you can access anything, from Wi-fi to bank account, from opening lock to pairing devices, you can do anything that is smart. 

4. Cryptic Message

Do you have anything secret? Of course, you do. Something that only she knows. But you can now share it with your jeweller in strict confidence and get it etched on her ring. 

5. Trinity Ring

If you have a slightly heavier purse, then opt for trinity rings. These are nothing but three different metals yoked together. Complementing colours could increase beauty. And yes, you can etch secret messages in them.

6. Uber & Urban 

If she is a working woman, then you can opt for a cluster of rings with one tiny stone to make it stand out. The base can be of any metal. 

What Has Statistics in Store?

Diamonds could be a perfect choice. 86% voted for it as their preferred centre stone. And as the base, white gold gets around 54% vote. This can make your choice simpler. When it comes to paying, only 1 in 3 will go for a USD 1000-USD4000 range. 


Yes, love is a matter of hearts. But when it comes to getting the right ring, don’t let your heart pick the ring. Keep your brain in sync. Let your mind be a receptor for ideas and spend some quality time on your research. The perfect ring would then be not that difficult to find. 


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