What Are The Medically Proven Alternatives To Spine Surgery?

After diagnosing the present condition of patients and determine the root cause of chronic back pain, most of the doctor’s recommend spine surgery as a last resort. However, it can’t be denied that many people experience some positive signs of improvements after seeking the surgery, but there’s a risk of the surgery not being always effective in every case. There are few medically proven alternatives to spine surgery that are worth considering, and it is recommended to consider these alternatives before moving forward with surgery.

If you want to avoid surgery on your back or disc, think about these non-surgical alternatives to try first in consultation with your doctor. The below-mentioned alternatives may help reduce your back or neck pain without the need for taking the risk of spinal surgery.

Lifestyle changes

A few changes in your regular life can heal your chronic back pain. Before considering any other treatment options, try the following to experience back pain relief without seeking any surgical treatment:

  • Sit for less time in the same position
  • Stand or walk straight for more time
  • Carry a light load on the back
  • Lose some weight to limit stress on spines
  • Stretch more to keep your joints more flexible

Other important lifestyle changes include quitting the addiction of smoking, as cigarette contains nicotine, which worsens the pain and delays the healing process in the body. 

Physical Therapy & Exercise

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can work together to gradually reduce the level of acute back pain. A physical therapist works with you to strengthen the cores of your back through gentle exercise medically proven alternatives to spine surgery. He may teach you how to do exercises for treating back problems, for instance:

  • Stretching
  • Core strengthening
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Posture correction

Physical therapy is an effective way to alleviate low back pain Roseville CA, gain a better understanding of proper posture and spine health. This treatment lasts for many years. For faster improvement, chiropractors suggest some exercises be performed at home.


Many people turn to medication to experience relief from back pain. While medication can only help to relieve pain but don’t able to address the root cause of such horrifying pain in the back. Some of them are only available on the prescription of a doctor. The many types of medications for back pain are available that include painkillers, steroid injections, antidepressants, and more.

Discuss your best alternative with the doctor

These are few of the medically proven alternatives to spinal surgery, but every patient’s body and the case are different and unique in its own way. Spinal surgery is definitely a safe and effective option for treating a variety of spine conditions, but these alternatives are more realistic when it comes to treating the root cause of such unbearable back and neck pain. As with any medical situation, you will need to discuss your condition and case openly with your doctor to receive recommendations and proper care.


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