Tips For Finding The Best Orthopaedic Doctor In India

Undergoing orthopaedic surgery is stressful and daunting. Preparing yourself physically and mentally isn’t enough. You’ll select a skilled surgeon and reputed hospital to get the desired results from the surgery at the Best orthopaedic doctor in India. Here is the list of essential indicators to find the best available option for your treatment. Let’s have a look –  

Make sure you are comfortable with the gender of the surgeon

If you want the treatment from a doctor who belongs to the same-gender category as yours, then voice out your choice without any hesitation. It’s essential to be comfortable with your surgeon so that you can explain your medical problems easily. Best orthopaedic doctor in India has training for anatomical sex orthopaedic programs so that patients can be facilitated with improved orthopaedic care. 

Review the credentials and education of the surgeon 

Evaluate the educational background, credentials, and skills of the surgeon. Review their degrees, training certificates, and other documents that prove the expert’s credibility. Determine whether the surgeon has board certification in his area of practice (association). The best way to learn about the expert’s certification is by visiting the association’s website. 

Consider the infection rate of the surgeries performed by the surgeon 

The infection rate is another important factor to consider when looking for an orthopaedic surgeon. An infection post-surgery can lead to fatal circumstances. The various factors that determine the infection rate include anaesthesia level used during the surgery, the time duration of surgery, surgical environment, quality of postoperative care offered by the hospital, and others. These factors will help you to narrow down the list of potential options. It is recommended to conduct your research to check the quality record of the hospital/surgeon. 

Determine charges of the complete treatment 

Consider your insurance coverage when determining the cost of treatment and choosing your surgeon. It’s best to call the hospital/surgeon directly to confirm the details of the charges and. Ask the hospital about the complete treatment procedure, the track record of the surgeon, physical therapy options offered to the patients, follow-up therapy, and other factors. All these details will help you in finding the right expert for your orthopaedic treatment. 

Find about the success rate of the surgeries performed by the surgeon 

Get details of the success rate of the surgeries performed by the surgeon on their previous patients. This will help you determine the best physician/hospital for your treatment. Check the objective data to find an accurate picture of the hospital’s service quality and performance. High-profile hospitals and surgeons never hesitate to share the non-confidential records of the treatment conducted by them.

Mark the communication style of the surgeon 

It’s essential to communicate with your surgeon freely. At the same time, he should be listening to you attentively. The surgeon should have excellent communication abilities so that they can explain the details, complications, and benefits of the treatment according to your orthopaedic condition. He should be easily approachable before and after the treatment. 

A second opinion is advised for better decision making 

Don’t ignore the importance of the second opinion. You may be completely confident about your orthopaedic surgeon, but it is advised to get a consultation from a professional other than yours. You’ll surely get a new perspective and valuable insight into your medical condition. If need be, consult two or more doctors. Don’t hesitate to clear your queries and doubts. Question the consultants until you are satisfied with the information you have received. 

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with the surgeon

After shortlisting the potential options, the next step is to book a consultation with the surgeons. Discuss your condition in detail, ask your queries, and get their opinion on your orthopaedic problem during these meeting sessions. Plus, share your knee history with the professional Best orthopaedic doctor in India. This will help you in finding the best orthopaedic hospital in India for your particular health condition. 

Make sure the expert you hire has a good understanding and expertise in handling cases like yours. If possible, take your knee pain assessment or evaluation online and get a print out of the outcome so that the surgeon can understand your condition better. However, the professional may recommend additional medical tests if needed. Focus on the technologies and methods used by the doctor to treat similar cases.


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