Different Types of Orthopedic Bone Plates

Bone plates are available in completely different sizes and forms reckoning on the dimensions of the bone and its anatomical shape. Completely different sizes of Trauma Implants need different sizes of screws.

Depending upon the fracture location and kind, a plate may be employed in anybody of the subsequent modes. It can be sourced from authorized Orthopedic Implants Suppliers.

Locking Compression Plates

Locking compression bone plate is termed thus as a result of it’s got screws with threaded heads that lock themselves once inserted to threaded plate holes, therefore lockup the screw with the plate. The plate additionally has the traditional holes and may be used as a conventional plate system and Shadow Fight 4 Mod Apk.

From the center of the plate, the distal hole may be easy, and the proximal hole of the combi hole is threaded. The threaded or locking hole adjoins the traditional hole and the arrangement is termed a combi hole. The LCP bone plates have the function of combi hole which offers the facility for the inclusion of threaded locking bone head screws and ordinary head screws.

Reconstruction Plates

These plates have notched edges to allow bending in any desired plane. These plates are terribly adaptable and are helpful in advanced anatomical sites, like the distal arm bone, the pelvis, the collarbone. The associate application of the reconstruction plate is shown at the starting of the article.

Bone Plates

Dynamic Compression Plate

In the initial styles of the bone plate, the screw holes were spherical however with a dynamic compression plate or DCP, there was associate improvement within the style. This plate has specially formed screw holes that have an associate machine at one finish.

When the screw is placed at this finish of the outlet and driven home, it slides down this plane, pulls the plate, and inflicting compression of the bone fragments.

If the screw is placed within the center of such a screw hole in an exceeding plate it doesn’t create contact with the machine and movement of the plate relative to the inserted screw does not occur – during this state of affairs the screw in aforesaid to be placed in a neutral position.

Each screw hole in an exceeding plate is placed in a recess that is formed to accommodate the rounded side of the screw head. This has 3 benefits:

  • By hiding the screw head within the bone plate the total construct incorporates a sander profile that doesn’t irritate soft tissues.
  • The contact between locking bone plate and screw heads is optimized preventing stress raisers.
  • The screw could also be slightly angulate relative to the plate which can facilitate in achieving optimum screw placement within the bone.

Limited Contact Dynamic Compression plates

Experimental work verified that the under-surface of the DCP, by contact with bone interfered with the blood provide of the underlying cortex.

The area beneath the surface of the plate with bone is termed the footprint of the plate.

Limited contact dynamic compression plate or LCDCP was a trial to scale back the footprint of the bone.

The LCDCP incorporates a fluted beneath surface and minimizes the plate bone contact.

Anatomical plates/angular bolted Plates

The plate given in higher than diagram is an anatomical plate for distal leg bone fractures. These are specially contoured plates for various anatomical sites. For instance, distal arm bone plate, distal leg bone plate, or proximal tibial plate.

These plates are generally used for intra or juxta-articular fractures as a result of the bone anatomy is exclusive close to the joints.


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