What are the Projection Screens

why should we take them on rent?

We are currently used to observe and enjoy images with good resolution, due to its high definition and proximity to reality projector on rent in Delhi. For this reason, projector screens have been the main allies for the enjoyment of excellent video viewing. When wanting to achieve an excellent projection, we must bear in mind that it will definitely depend on buying a good screen, considering that we already put aside the old experiments of homemade cinemas such as sheets or white walls.

These screens have different presentations according to their use, such as the electric ones, which are generally built to be used in a fixed way in closed spaces such as rooms and have a small electric motor to raise and lower. The manuals do not differ much from the previous ones, except that their manipulation is synchronous. And finally, the tripod screens, which have a light structure and can be easily moved. When you take a projector on rent in Delhi then either you have a big empty white wall or you have to take a screen for rent with the projector as well.

The screens are currently made of special materials that make the light not bounce or deform the quality of the image we want to observe. Therefore, we have in the market a diversity of screens that every buyer should know before making their purchase.

Types of screens according to their base:

Fixed screens are the most economical and simple at the time of installation since they are made up of rigid structures that must be placed on a flat surface that are generally walls or columns

Mobile screens have the convenience of being moved to any space in the house, office or outdoors because they are roll-up or deployable.

As we mentioned before, the type of material with which the screen is made should be taken into account so as not to lose the quality or definition of the projection.

For this reason, you should keep in mind the gain of it, precisely when the light is reflected on it and at all angles, we will obtain a clear, bright image and regardless of the distance, we are in. You should not make the mistake that the focal point is clearly the center of it.

The quality will also depend on the light output of the projector and the distance between them; For this reason, it is recommended that the projector is located above the screen, being at the height of the top line to enjoy the full image.

What should we consider to take a screen on rent?

  • There are different brands, models and sizes currently. For this reason, it is important to know the place in which we want to enjoy the projection, to have knowledge about the characteristic of the equipment we will need.
  • Check the screen size, if it will be used in closed places such as office, study or homes, those that do not exceed 2 meters high by 2 meters long are generally more effective. In open spaces, 5 meters by 6 meters are recommended.
  • It is important to observe the installation manual of each screen to choose the simplest.
  • We can previously investigate online and know the testimonials of the buyers and know if it is worth the cost.

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