Guide to Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Flat

Buying a flat is a dream for everyone. Whether a necessity or a desire, everyone wishes to possess a lavish and comfy flat. After buying a new flat, the first thing that comes to mind is to decorate it, especially colour it. It can be very confusing to choose the perfect color combinations for your flat.

A little too bold can draw attention away from the new, stylish furniture whereas a little too bright can make the ambiance meek. Here’s the ideal guide to choosing the perfect color for your flat.

  • Choose the Furniture First, not the Paint Colour 

Most people choose to color their flat right away. We understand that you want to take care of the more complex things first. But we suggest you select the furniture first. Choose the color of your flat based on the shades of the furniture. 

  • Chalk up an Idea or Get some Inspiration

Buying a 2 BHK Flat in 22 Lakh is one of the best deals that one can get. That being said, before you start choosing the colors for your 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat, get some ideas. You can refer to magazines, websites, and also to different color palates. 

The social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram also have several brilliant coloring ideas that you can ponder upon.  

  • Use Neutral Colours too

There is a general belief among many that using neutral colours will make the room look meek. While that is true to some extent, these neutral colours can be used to your advantage. Choosing light and neutral colours for the bedroom can cause a soothing effect to the eyes. The key is to use contrasting colours. 

  • Test Randomly before Finalizing

There are tons of colour palates available in the market. And if you are creative enough, you can create your design. Pulkit Vij, the owner of Kamal Associates and an expert in this field suggests an effective strategy for choosing colours from a catalogue.

“Always start looking from the deepest shade of a particular colour in the catalogue. If you like the deepest shade, there is a high probability that you will like the shades in the middle and the top. However, if you start by choosing from the lightest shade, all the colours will look the same to you.”

  • Have a Colour Theme

Having a uniform colour theme in your Delhi Cheapest Flat is very necessary. This doesn’t mean that all rooms in the flat should be of the same colour. Rather choose a proper theme for the adjoining rooms so that when you enter one room from the other, the colour contrast shouldn’t be too distinct.

Not only in the case of wall colours, but there should also be a uniform theme in the furniture shades and curtains. 

  • Get Expert Help

Choosing the right color pattern for your flat can be tricky. Hence it is highly recommended that you seek expert advice. Kamal Associates headed by Mr. Pulkit Vij, a profound name in this industry has been serving clients for over 20 years, finding the cheapest flats in Delhi as well as suggesting proper colors and necessary details.

You can contact them at: 

Customer Care: 8448 440 765

Address: Wz -41, Kabari road, Near Pillor number 706, 

Phase 1 Om Vihar Rd, Uttam Nagar, 



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