5 Riveting Cases of Business Failing of Inept Strategy Framework

strategy framework

Lack of effective business strategy has made internationally-renowned firms fail on multiple occasions in the course of history. Organizations with a workforce strength in thousands had fallen to bankruptcy Strategy Framework. Several business closures shocked the world in the last fifty years, the reason for all being lack of strategic acumen in the C-Level executives.  A strong strategy framework is what can only save a business in difficult times, especially during a recession.  Here we are listing the 5 epic cases of global businesses shutting down because of the poor…

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Why HR Certification Is Important for Career Growth

HR certifications

The increasingly complex business environment calls for talent, skills, and knowledge. With the human resource domain, this has led to an emphasis on certifications and degrees. Advanced skills and knowledge enable a professional to position for greater success.  Learning does not end in the classroom. It takes place on the job for long years and continues too. Though a degree forms the starting point of the career, earning an advanced degree and/or HR certification(s) provides a strong foundation for knowledge and skills. It leads to personal and professional development.  Though…

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CHRO: From Building Culture Keepers to Culture Drivers


The business landscape is becoming competitive every day. They are expected to improve their services, products, and processes to stay competitive in the market. It is vital for organizations to keep improving to grow HR leaders. Turns out, growth is an intrinsic attribute company seeks to develop across company culture, and CHROs work to build and propagate this culture.  This need for continuous improvement is what psychologists called ‘growth-mindset’. This originates from the belief that improvement can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. It can best be achieved through…

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4 Finance Certifications to Grow in Your Career

private equity certifications

Are you a finance professional? If you’re, there’s no way you would want to skip a certification. The financial industry is the most regulated industry so understanding the ins-and-outs of the industry is vital private equity certifications. Given the complex regulations in the financial sector, it is challenging and those who comprehend them well are celebrated and compensated handsomely. Finance professionals are rewarded for their ingenious complying with the regulations and standards is handsomely rewarded. Even better-bypassing regulations while meeting the benefits the company is rewarded. And how do you…

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How Mobile phones Revolutionized Society in Less than a Decade

mobile phone

Smartphones are something that you will find in almost everyone’s hands these days mobile phones under 10000. It has not only become a key mode of communicating but even a multitasking gadget.  The use of a mobile phone has made it modern, and it would not be wrong to that it has revolutionized it over the last decade.  Yes, smartphones have been able to impact the society that we live in. Here is a quick post on ways it has revolutionized and impacted the society over the years. Continue reading!…

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