Looking at Life Lessons from Your Past Jobs

Are you still in the same career you had when you were a fresh graduate? Or has your path changed so drastically that you can no longer recognize your old self? Regardless of where you are right now, for sure, you’ve learned a couple of life lessons from your Past Jobs.

Let’s revisit some of them:

You’ve learned how to deal with people

Working often means transacting with at least one other person. If you’re in a corporate job, this means dealing with your manager, your CEO, and everyone else in between. Now, it’s all well and good if your manager is easy to get along with and your teammates are all responsible adults, but let’s be real. Each person has their flaws and you’ll still have to talk to them to get things done. This teaches you different ways of dealing with other people, and shapes the character that you show to the office. If you hang out with the kindest bunch, you’ll be kind; if you’re in league with the go-getters, that becomes your attitude as well.

You’ve mastered the art of changing in a cubicle

Whether it’s for an interview you’re sneaking into during your lunch break or it’s an after-hours hangout with your colleagues, you want to look less like you work in an office and more like you’re out there to have fun. This requires an extra outfit or at least some changes in your makeup. Though you’re sharing the bathroom with many other people in your company and any of them can walk in and see you putting on your K beauty palette, you’ve learned not to mind. After all, you’ve seen them do it too. This helps you build resilience and confidence so that when you move to a new job, you can move comfortably in your own skin.

You’ve learned how to juggle your finances

Those few days before payday are usually the most difficult for a working professional. You’ve stretched your budget long enough, but there are still two to three days before your next paycheck. Instant ramen is now your best friend, and you take public transport instead of getting rideshare. You ask for service water instead of a fancy drink to go with your dinner. These may feel like sacrifices during those times, but over time, these teach you to be flexible and versatile not only in your finances but also in other situations. You learn to bend when there isn’t much space, and you learn to be silent when everyone else is talking. This is a valuable skill needed in your team to de-escalate a difficult situation.

You may not want to look back on your previous job because of all the bad and hurtful memories it left on you, but you can’t forget the lessons you learned along the way. If not for these lessons, you will not know how to be better at your current job, or how to find a future job that you will stick with.


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