Are Hoverboards safe for 9year old’s?

In the current times, the Hoverboards are the most-hyped and famous rideable for every kid and youngster. Around the holiday seasons from the past three years, these Hoverboards are the rage for kids. Most chances are that the young ones have seen the board in School or some park that is near to the house and they started to wish for their own. And this asking of theirs will probably make you think that, whether this board is safe or not?

The answer to this question is simple: Parents before buying the Hoverboard should see the features, quality, and specifications of that particular board. This information will make them informed and eligible for the decision, whether this is best for their kids or not. 

Some of the key factors that every parent should consider before buying the hoverboard:

Maximum Speed of Hoverboard:

The main thing that makes the board risky and dangerous for kids is the speed at which it runs. Every kid wants to go full-throttle whenever they get the new toy to test. And the high-velocity board can cause trouble for the kids if they get hands on them. There is a tendency that they put themselves and others too in harm and dangerous situation.

The grip of the Tire:

The next important factor that every parent should consider is the Tire grip because traction is the essential aspect of best Hoverboard under $100. When the grip of Tire is better with the surface, this means that traction for the rider is good. As the kids want to perform different stuff with the board, it is very important to choose that board for your kids, which has rubber tires with a huge grip on the surface. 

Specific Board for Specific ages:

Not every Hoverboards is made for all ages; some of the board have some specific age limit range, which is particularly for that age only. Many companies made the board only for sports, or adrenaline rush, and some are only for commuters. Ss, if you want to buy the board for a 9-year old kid, then the general-purpose boards are the best choice. 

Right Size for Kids:

Size of the hoverboard matters, buy the one that fits your kid’s size, and completely align with the body shape. If you buy the board that is too big, it may cause problems for the kids to ride and control. Many of the board’s makers have listed the max/min size, particularly for the Hoverboard, which should be taken seriously by the customers.

Maturity of a Kid:

By the word “maturity,” I am specifically referring to the physical development of the child. Has the kid proven the authenticity of their age? Does a kid have the ability to make spatial judgments? Is the eye-hand coordination excel? These are the question that you should ask yourself before taking the big step for the ones that you care about.


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